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Delicious Samples of Noel Royal and the Self Contained Skits:

Presented by Madrigal Traditions, Inc.
and written by Thomas Quinn ©2002-2020

A Majestic Feast
for the Senses...

Drink deep the nectar of the branch,
Each Lord and Lady Wife,
And thank our God in heaven
For these sleeping fonts of life.
From ~The Wassail Toast*

There in the pig-pen,
'Neath the dark moonlit boughs,
With me wee little boars and me wee little sows,
I dozed off to sleep and I dreamed of a feast
Where the least was the greatest,
And the greatest the least.
From ~The Swineherd's Dream*

Let echoes of this gracious night
Ring forth throughout the year,
And may the hand of providence
Embrace each person here.
From ~The King's blessing*

Servants will, throughout the night,
Make way to set your table right.
As they move amongst your benches,
Please refrain from pinching wenches.
From ~Madrigal Manners*

Oh, tender light of love's increase.
Oh, fairest sight. Oh, Prince of Peace.
From ~Poetry for the Concert*



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